Welcome To Our Republican Party

Welcome to the Madison County Republican Party’s website. We hope that our site will provide you with information about Republican news, issues, candidates, elected officials, events, and volunteer opportunities.

Madison County Ohio has a long and proud tradition as a Republican stronghold. We have been successful through the years because our common sense conservative approach matches the values and ideals of most people who call Madison County home.

America Deserves Better

The center plank of the Republican platform is the US Constitution. We cannot be far from correct if we honor the Constitution and adhere to the principles that make the United States unique in the world. We firmly believe in the concept of unalienable rights as spelled out in the Declaration of Independence and embodied in the Constitution.

America Deserves Better.

Together, we can build on our proud history. However, without your continued support, the historic achievements of Republicans in Madison County are at risk. Our success in the future depends on your participation. I know that with your continued involvement, the Republican Party can continue to defend our rights and values.

Thank you again for visiting the Madison County Republican Party website. I look forward to celebrating many Republican victories with you.

Nicholas Adkins, Chairman
Madison County Central Committee

Contact the Madison County Republican Party

We are Republicans. A Real Vision. A Clear Future.

Contact us to find out more about the activities of your Republican Party. We’re always pleased to hear from interested citizens on political issues. Voter interaction and participation are the lifeblood of the Party.

You ask… We listen.

We are looking for people who can help make the Republican Party strong. Let us know if you can spare a few evenings to help.

  • Helping with events
  • Assisting successful Republican Candidates win elections
  • Serving on a County Board or Committee
  • Serving my community as a Precinct Committee Officer
  • Helping to get the Republican message out by writing letters to newspapers
  • Going door-to-door with candidates
  • Making sure votes are mailed on time by assisting in a telephone bank.
  • Serving as an Election Observer to make sure our election process is fair
  • Being available during elections to serve as a Ballot Counter/Observer

Another way to contact the Madison County Republican Party is by sending mail to:

The Madison County Republican Party
Attn: Nicholas Adkins
76 Arlington Ave
London, OH 43140

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